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music of infinite Dementions

~ sing to me of darkness and of light ~

the singer and the song
I'm a fangirl. It's as simple and as complicated as that. I'm the one who stands in line all day (if I haven't bought my tickets through the fanclub to get the best damn seats) in a black leather corset with a hide plushie nestled between my boobs (it's his favorite spot), bearing fresh-baked cookies or some other absurd gift for the band, carrying an obscure piece of something significant to be autographed. I'm the one who bases my sense of fashion on what my favorite lead singer's wearing... or that adorable drummer, or bassist, or... yeah. I'll pull all-nighters with but a fleeting thought for having to be at work the next day in order to finish a costume, a fic, a bit of art, or get through one more damn page on 4chan or one more damn chapter of fanfic. I will occasionally add "-nyo" or "-desu" at the end of my sentences, depending on whether it's a Dejiko or a Miyavi-meme day. I'll compile soundtracks for what I'm reading... and I'm an avid reader. I'll play obscure japanese rock in-store at my job, regardless of its commercial availability in the US. I've blown out my voice for a week singing screaming along to songs in a language I barely understand... but music is universal, isn't it?

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