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Art! OMG!

Wow! I made art! Haven't done that in a while, lol...

This is an illustration for the jrock_bigbang challenge, for Servant's Story by moonlight_chaos. The main pair is Atsushi Sakurai and Kaya, and Kamijo and Hizaki feature prominently in the story.

Stained Glass Waltz
Stained Glass Waltz

I'm not sure exactly what to call it, media-wise - guess you could say it's a digital illustration/collage, since it incorporates scans. I really like the way the stained glass effect turned out, especially with all the different textures of "glass".

Ta-daaaa~! Whatcha' think? ^__^

(And now for a hectic month of sewing to get ready for Anime Kaigi in Flagstaff the first weekend of June... whee!)


Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone's having/had a fun and awesome Halloween! I'm sitting here for a few more minutes waiting for trick-or-treaters before I head to my friends' party, then gotta get to bed somewhat early 'cause we're leaving earrrrrly in the morning to SEE DIR EN GREY IN TEXASSSSS WOOHOOOOO~!~!!!! *bounces*

I am so psyched about this ... since Miyavi canceled, we decided we'd make the additional trek to Houston to catch Monday night's show, then back to Dallas for Tuesday night's. OMG we're going to be so tired of driving by the time we get back BUT IT WILL SO BE WORTH IT.

I'm traveling so much in the next few weeks, it's not even funny. *snicker* Texas for Dir en grey, then actually home for a few days, then south to help at another store for a week, then Phoenix for NASCAR, then Colorado for Dir en grey AGAIN, then... DED. Oh wait, then Black Friday. Then DED. x__X I'M GOING ON TOUR, PEOPLE! *cackle*

Halloween Pictures. ROCKIN THE CRIME SCENE!!Collapse )

I got better pics with my real camera, but it's just so easy to email the ones from my phone to photobucket, lol. So you get these for now. *grin*


Happy Birthday ASAGI-sama!!

Happy Birthday Asagi!

Asagi 'Ouka saki some ni keri' image

I sent him a present!Collapse )

Here's wishing him a very happy birthday and many, many more to come!!


Things that make me LOL

First, I pass this Blakes' Lotaburger (local NM fast-food chain) on my way to and from work every day. For the past few weeks this is what their sign has read - I finally had the presence of mind to actually take a picture of it today:

"I AM NOT WEARING PANTS" (I just have very skinny blue legs. *smirk*)

The other side says "HEY VEGETARIANS NEVERMIND" *snicker*

The second is this, which was one of the videos linked from the D Fashion Check (BTW, I♥U MUSICJAPAN+, you give me cosplay references. IT'S A BAT.)

I have watched this like 20 times at least. IT DOES NOT GET OLD FOR ME. *gigglefit* Nyaa~!!


Cute and RAWR at the same time!

Woohoo! Made it through SWACE, sold most of my schtuff, am putting the rest up on my etsy. Which is like, 3 hats. I went fabric shopping on Wednesday, so I have material to make more. On it, boss!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

I finally heard back about the buyer position... I won't be moving to Amarillo. Ah well, at least now I can dive into making cute things - already have an order for stock for Xcentricities to take with them to their next show, and I need to fill out my etsy as well.

Annnnd, a meme. //__^

Tagged by asagi and cadkitten

1. Write down every letter of your name.
2. Write down a song that pops up in your mind beginning with each letter.
3. Count the number of letters and tag that many people in your friends list.

e - Empire by Queensrÿche
l - Leukocyte by D
y - Yami yori kurai doukoku no acapella to bara yori akai jounetsu no aria by D (mwaha. and i didn't even copypasta that from itunes.)
a - Anybody Listening? by Queensrÿche
c - Colosseo by D
h - Hotarubi (name of the rose mix) by Dir en grey (yes. a specific mix. nyerghe.)
a - Art of Life by X Japan
n - Neo Universe by L'arc~en~ciel

Lol, the people I would have specifically tagged are the ones who tagged me, so consider yourself tagged if you want. XD

Writer's Block: Bite Me

From Dr. Polidori's Lord Ruthven to Stephenie Meyer's Edward Cullen, the annals of vampire lore are filled with attractive, charming bloodsuckers. Which one would you most want to be bitten by?

Ivy Tamwood, Rachel's roommate/partner from Kim Harrison's Hollows series. Mmmmh.

Or, of course, a certain Vampire Catboy With A Rose Fetish. *grin*

Star Trek Quiz Time!!

Been a while since I did one of these (and actually posted the results, lol)!

Which Star Trek Character Am I?Collapse )


I'm such a dork...

... that this totally made me fall off a large green balance ball laughing. I was browsing through the playstation store and I spotted THIS:

Li'l Asagi Comes Home

"Li'l Asagi Comes Home" - I'm not sure what PSP game it's for (Disgaea or something related, I think), but <rampant fangirl speculation>I'll bet Hiroki has it and laughed his ass off too when he saw it. Probably flailed at Asagi like "DUDE. Check this out!! You're in this game! AWWWWW, you're so CUTE. *laughs*" And then Asagi'd be like "*peer* Nope. Doesn't have cat ears. Also, you can see his right eye. Not me. *shakes head, giggling*" But he'd still, like, never hear the end of it. *cackle* </rampant fangirl speculation>

.... And part of me wants to find out for sure what the hell game this is for, buy it, buy the add-on and play the thing on Luke's ps3 because IT HAS A CHARACTER NAMED ASAGI. I am trying very hard to shut that part of me up by distracting it with Rhythm Heaven and the stuff from eBay that arrived today. A couple of magazines and

Hello Nyasagi with Night-ship &apos;D&apos; flags

NIGHT-SHIP "D" FLAGS, YO. Shown off by Hello Nyasagi because Hello Nyasagi insisted. Now to learn the dance and then I'll be prepared when they ever come to the US, lol.

Let's see, what else lately?

I managed to nurse my voice back to health just barely enough in time for the talent show a couple weeks ago - I sang "Snow White" by D. Got video, haven't uploaded it to youtube yet 'cause it needs editing and quite frankly, I don't think I really did it justice (and I know the sound system didn't). I sang it an octave higher than Asagi, which normally works well for me (on that song anyway - the effect is intended to be Sarah Brightman-ish) but I didn't have the top notes with the strength I normally would. Considering that I'd been croaking like an asthmatic frog for the previous month and a half, though, it's not too terrible - at least, everyone said I sounded lovely. I think they were just being nice. ^^;;;; I'd like to re-record it now that I really have my voice back. *knock on wood*

Saw Wolverine. Enjoyed it greatly. I got to watch my Ruki-tan fanboy over several different scenes, he got to watch me drool over the swordplay and gun-fu in the first part... and, well, Hugh Jackman in general. Mmmmmm. ^__^

Saw Star Trek. TWICE. Will see it again at least two more times. Fangasmed. OH HELL YES. MUST HAVE MORE. But, um, did any others who also happen to be Fullmetal Alchemist fans notice? Red Matter.... Philosopher's Stone, anyone? *grins widely*

Ren-ren made me an EPIC BIRTHDAY CAKE.


"Happy Birthday Elya-chan" in Klingon script. Cellular Peptide Cake (okay, devil's food) with Mint Frosting. And all 31 candles did fit on it. It was GLORIOUS. }}:-> And delicious! XD

Found more leopard-suited Hello Kitty plushies, can now make a Hello Nyasagi to send to the man for his birthday in August. Also need to make more fleece hats and frilly headpieces, going to have an Artist Alley table with cadkitten at the anime con here in NM at the end of July. Need to figure out cosplay for that too, probably.

Hmm... think that's it for now. I should sleep. //_x

So... I went to Lane Bryant with my mom this evening to use the coupon thingy we got that ended today. Found this lovely black-with-grey pinstripe suit jacket and slacks that looked just amazing, and ended up being about $70 for the set. Not bad, a nice suit is a good investment and all that.

And then I get home and I get to catching up on my flist. Notably, on all the awesomeness that's been shared on blood_relation lately. Specifically, the video from the live chat session thingy that I totally MISSED last weekend 'cause I had to work Saturday night. In between bouts of squeeing at Ruiza hugging Asagi and giggling at the lot of them, I noticed something.

Asagi's wearing a black-with-grey pinstripe suit jacket.

Near as I can tell, anyway. Along with a black dress shirt (which I have) and a pewter tie with a rose on it.

I have GOT to get or make me a tie like that. Sometime before the Twilight midnight release party on the 20th. *cackle* And then I need to sneak Genetic World into the playbin during said party. Yessss...

Oh, and I found a Blind Mag t-shirt at Hot Profit. WIN. ^____^ Also win: WATCHMEN. GO SEE IT. *flails* Also also win: Queensrÿche's Twitter. 'Specially EdBass (Eddie Jackson, EJ on the tweets). LOLEdBass.


Yet more fangirl flailing ....

Reading Fujoshi Rumi while waiting for the mail to come this morning. It's a manga about... a yaoi-obsessed fangirl. And it is SO DAMN TRUE.

Postman showed up just as I got to where the two fangirls go shopping on Otome Road. He's like "You're waiting for this, aren't you?" UH-HUH. I GOTS MAH D. OH HELL YEAH.

All 3 versions of the single... so 3 posters! Sooooo pretttyyyyy.... *sparkly eyes*

Watched the PV again first. Mmmm, lovely.

Then I watched the MAKING OF THE PV... and was laughing so hard my sides hurt. TAUNTING THE FANGIRLS MUCH??? Asagi... thighs... crotchless fishnet tights.... Ruiza-shaped growth on Hide-zou's back... UNGWAAAHHHHHHUUUHHHH... *ASPLODES*

Cannot WAIT to watch this with die-chan-chan... and ruki-tan with his pantyhose fetish. *cackle*

Also, D's upcoming album title... Genetic World. OH GODS THE CROSSOVER POSSIBILITIEEESSSSSS~~! *ASPLODES again* 5 bucks says "Nocturnal" is part of the continuing "Vampire Story". XD XD

And I'm finally playing Crisis Core! HOSHIT THIS GAME IS ONE GIANT GOB OF FANSERVICE. ^_____^